South Korea is located in the eastern side of Asia in the Korean Peninsula and shares its border with North Korea that is heavily guarded. It is best known for its lush green atmosphere, mountain and hills, Cherry trees and old Buddhist Shrines. Its capital city is Seoul that is technologically advance city. Moreover, South Korea is famous for its villages, islands that have sub-tropical atmosphere and Korean culture. Korean dramas that are widely known as k-dramas and K-pop are very famous and many visitors visit to see and meet of their idols. Korean fashion and its beauty products are very famous as well and many shopaholics go there just to shop.

Let us talk about the major city of South Korea that serves many thousands of visitors every year. Seoul is largest metropolitan area that with huge skyscrapers, a web of subways, bustling streets and a place where pop culture is mixed with Buddhist temples. The most famous location in Seoul is Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was the main residency Palace of Jaseon dynasty and work of governments were took place there. It was built in 1395 and it has more than 7000 rooms. Now it is turned into tourist attraction place and it has National museum of Palaces of Korea and National Folk museum in the surrounding vicinity.  The next best attraction to visit in Seoul is Dongdaemun Design Plaza. It is the futuristic architecture design that is both spectacular and captivating. It has seven floors and a garden on the roof and there happen a lot of exhibitions, display, seminar and media centers. If you are tired with only just seeing things then you must go for the N Seul tower also known as the Namsan Tower. You can go up on the tower through cable car and have the 360 view of the whole of Seoul city around you or you can climb the Namsan Mountain yourself and reach the top and then have the view. Try to go to see the sunrise or the sunset to have the breathtaking view of Seoul. Han river offers the best view as well.

On the side of Seoul is the largest port city of the country widely popular for its sandy beaches, shrines, temples and mountains. Haeundae Beach is very busy and beautiful place with beach and city structures at the same place. You can do water sports there and visit the Sea Life Aquarium and Folk Square to experience cultural game like tug of war. You can also visit the Beomeosa Temple, a famous and beautiful Buddhist temple.

Jiju Island is very famous in the Korean Strait. It is widely known for its beach restaurants, resorts and cave shaped lava tubes. Famous location is Hallasan Mountain, that is a dormant volcano, and it has hiking trails. Such volcanoes have left behind the lava tubes and one of the famous is Manjanggul Cave that was created centuries before when Hallasan Volcano was active. It is dark and offers the picturesque views and experience.

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