Lebanon, officially known as the Republic of Lebanon, is a country in West Asia. It borders Syria in the north and east and Israel in the south, while Cyprus is in the west across the Mediterranean Sea. Location of Lebanon at the intersection of the Mediterranean and inland basins of Arabia facilitates its rich history and forms a cultural identity of religious and ethnic diversity. With only 10,452 km², this is the smallest sovereign state recognized on mainland Asia. The earliest evidence of civilization in Lebanon dates from more than seven thousand years, before recorded history. Lebanon is the home of Canaanites / Phoenicians and their kingdom, a maritime culture that developed for more than a thousand years. In 64 BC, the region came under the rule of the Roman Empire, and eventually became one of the leading centers of Christianity in the Empire. In the Lebanese mountains a range of monastic traditions known as the Maronite Church was founded. When Arab Muslims conquered the region, the Maronites continued to uphold their religion and identity. There are many important city in Lebanon which is popular tourists destination. Located on a peninsula in the middle of the Lebanese Mediterranean coast, Beirut is the main and largest port in the country. This is one of the oldest cities in the world, inhabited more than 5000 years ago. Beirut’s first historical mention is found in the Amarna letters of the New Kingdom of Egypt, dating from the 15th century BC. Beirut is the center of the Lebanese government and plays a central role in Lebanon’s economy, with most banks and corporations based in the Central District, Badaro, Rue Verdun, Hamra, Jalan Ryad el Soloh, and Achrafieh. Following the destructive Lebanese Civil War, Beirut’s cultural landscape underwent a major reconstruction. Identified and assessed for accounting, advertising, banking / finance and law, Beirut is rated as the City of the World Beta by Globalization and the World City Research Network. There are many important sites to visit in Beirut some of them are mention as Beirut Souks which is the grand bazaar in the capital city of Lebanon, Martyrs’ square which is a souvenir build dedicated to the martyrs during the Ottoman rule. Nijmeh Square display modern landmark of country is home of museums and parliament. Hamra Street is home for universities and nightlife. One American university is also located in this street. This street is place where tourists and many other local folks come together and admire the intellectual richness of this city. On this street several book shops are also present. Zaitunay bay is a dock in Beirut that is perfect place to have brunch with the view. This city is landmark for many historic buildings as this city is one of ancient cities in the world. Activites to do while your stay in Beirut is exploring history of city in their museums. With that you can attend any concert or fashion week as this city is considered as the hub of Middle Eastern fashion.

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