In northern side of Europe Finland resides with their amazing neighboring countries which are Russia, Sweden and Norway.  In Baltic Sea, many islands and peninsula are occupied by the capital city of Finland which is Helsinki. Helsinki is the home for many important historic building such sea fortress Soumenlinna which was built during 18th century and museums that displays Finland’s culture and history. Other important buildings that display the  historical landmarks of the country are Mannerheiminite which is the central avenue in Helsinki, resides there is a National Museum which contains the antiques that exhibit the history of this country since the stone age to the present time. This avenue also home for many important institutions. Along these historical buildings ferries sevices are quite famous that carries their travelers from Helsinki to the Sweden, Estonia and Russia. There are many other vacation destinations in Finaland for example Turku, is the city that bestride the River Aura situated on the South-west coast of Finland. This city is famous for the Turku Castle that was built in 13th century hovering at river mouth, is a history museum.eastern bank resides the Old Great Square surrounded by other magnificent buildings was the financial hub in past. There is other Royal tomb and museum situated near the Turkus’ building. Tampere is another glorious city in the southern side of Finland. Vapriikki Museum centers many museums including the Natural History Museum that displayed the history of civil war occurred in 1918. In the southern side of Finland Tampere is a city. This city sits between two lakes that are called Näsijärvi Lake and Pyhäjärvi Lake, in addition to these lakes Tammerkoski rapids between them. But we are suggesting you to visit Rovaniemi which is the capital city of Lapland present in the northern side of Finland. This city though was completely destroyed during World War II, displaying modern architecture. This city of finland is famous for being the official home town of Santa Clause. There are many important sites in Rovaniemi which one can visit during their stay in Finalnd. Many buildings that are famous present in this city one of which is Arktikum which is the home for many museums that displays the Arctic region and history of Finland. On the northern forests there is a The Science Center Pilke that exhibits the interactive features. Another museum that displays the contemporary arts of Finnish people is Korundi House. Santa Claus village which is charming place to visit by travelers have igloo houses, hotels and many elves and plus shops. As this is city where it snow during Winter Season is best place to experience some adventurous snow games for example rides on sleds drawn by reindeer. Snowmobiling and trips to husky dog farms is another fun activity. This city of Finalnd, Rovaniemi, not only showcase many architectural landmarks but also home to witness the splendid Northern Lights. These Northern Lights attracts a lot of travelers, I mean who wants to witness the rare chance to witness natural light show.   

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