French Polynesia is a country that comprises of South Pacific islands that are up to 100 in number. Stretch of this country is 2000 km and these islands consist of lagoons that are coral fringed and hotels that flow over the water. What attract the huge amount of tourists in this country are their beaches that are of different colors such as white or black along with mountains and lofty waterfalls. There are many countries in this country that are worth visiting. Tahiti is the prime island of this country and it has mathematical shape of digit 8. This island is divided into two sections based on their size, smaller section called Tahiti Iti and larger portion called Tahiti Nui. This island has many places that one can visit such as Robert Wan Pearl Museum. Along with this museum this island has waterfalls and beaches which have black sand is famous destination for tourists. Another island that is well known after Tahiti is Mo’orea this island is famous for its serrated volcano and beaches. This island is well known for many water activities along with the dolphin or whale showing tour. After this Papeete, which is capital city of French Polynesia is home for many local market that sell handmade jewelry and goods. This island has waterfalls, gardens and museums that are worth your visit. Here our emphasie is to visit Bora Bora Island if you are planning to travel to French Polynesia. In French Polynesia Bora Bora is a South Pacific minor island in the northwest of Tahiti. 

Bora bora is famous honeymoon destination which attracts many new couple because of its picturesque views and serene environment. This island is popular for hotels and resorts that are usually with view and many reserved bungalows are hovering over the water with supporting stilts. Highest point of this island is Mount Otemanu which has height up to 727 m and this mountain preset right in the center of island possess dormant volcano. The most bustling site on Bora Bora Island is place called Matira which is many famous beaches and hub for water activities. Snorkeling is the best activity that one can have and accessible by boat, it is reef teeming with sea’s life. There is a natural aquarium called Bora Bora Lagoonarium which involved the activity of swimming with sharks. If you are fan of water activities there is no such place as Bora Bora Island that can offer immense number of water sports. These activities are not just entertaining but adventurous. These activities are scuba diving, through which you can swim with the marine animals and these islands are reefs a literal sanctuary for marine animals. You can imagine richness og aquatic life here. Jet Ski is another water sports that you can enjoy in Bora Bora Island. Other may include fishing as water is rich with many fish types, paddle boarding and outrigger canoeing. Jeep round of the island and cruise trip could be another amusing activity you have for fun.

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