In Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas is an archipelago site that is coral based. This country has both uninhabited with no population to fully pack with dense population, more than 100 islands and cays ranges.  These highly densed islands have many hotels, resorts and rest houses that provide comfortable stat to their visitors. As this country has island, just like other Carrabin countries, this country attracts many tourists because of its natural beauty richness. Beaches and resorts provide the best time to the tourists. There are many hotels on northern most side which are Grand Bahamas and Paradise Island that is world famous for the luxurious hotels. There are many worth visiting places in Bahamas for example Atlantis Bahamas that is luxurious hotel on beach resort, this hotel has its own water park. This resort has to offer you along with Water Park is spa, gold course and casino. Paradise Island is another offshore island from the main New Proviedence in Bahamas. Over the Nassau harbor, two bridges connect the Nassau with the city. This magnificent island has white sand beaches that attract many tourists. On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean there are two beaches that are world famous and these beaches are Cabbage Beach and Paradise Beach. With many resorts and casinos this island is worth your visit during your stay at Bahamas. In order to attract more travelers this island has its own water themed park as well. On the northwest side of Eleuthera island there lays another wonderful island called Horbour Island. Stretching on the eastern shore this island has world famous beach that has pink sand. As this beach has pink snad this outstanding feature attracts many visitors. On the west shore of this island there are also many beaches and marinas that is potential tourist destination. There are many coral reefs such as Devil’s Bckbone is considered to be home of many marine animals such as turtles and stingrays. Another beach that is famous is pig island, this island takes its name from the fact that it inhabited by the feral pigs that lives on island and on its vicinity. There is another island called little San Salvador Island which is also called Half Moon island just because of the half crescent shape beach it has. Apart from these island there is famous straw market called Nassau Straw Market local market at Nassau which sells handmade straw goods and things, this market is also a famous tourist’s attraction place. As this country has many island so this is best to have water related activities that could be adventurous and engaging. Aquaventure Oasis at Atlantis is Water Park that offers many fun activities related to water, is one of the most entertaining amusement park in Bahamas. Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre Admission Ticket is sanctuary for many mammals, birds and flamingos. National parks and caves is a park at Lucayan National is a site where Pirates of Caribbean 2 and 3 were filmed is another tourist attraction site.     

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