Present in western side of Europe Germany is an important city that has history over more than two millennia. This country has not only amazing architectural sites but has immense natural beauty that can awestruck anyone. This country has long range of mountains, rivers, forests and North Sea beaches. There are many important cities in Germany that attracts a great number of tourists because of their beauty and cultural rich history. First of all from all cities Berlin, which is the capital city of Germany, is a famous vacation destination for tourists. This city has many magnificent historical monuments that a glorious. Other than that Munich is another splendid city of Germany which has many famous historic buildings that are century old and provide quite a sight to its visitors. Frankfurt is another amazing city of Germany which has many buildings that one can visit and make their trip just memorable. This city is financial hub of Europe as it has European Central Bank. Cologne is other glorious city of Germany which has many outstanding buildings. The most exceptional building that is eye catching is gothic architecture that resides in the center of this city. This city has many museums that held many masterpieces of Picasso other than that this city has many themed parks and gardens. If you plan to go on vacations just consider berlin because this city will never disappoints you with its superlative history and buildings. This city is also famous for arts.   

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and has its stating from 13th century. This city is not only famous for its historic buildings and outstanding landmarks but also famous for buildings that had destroyed and rebuilt during and after world war. This city is well known not only for ancient architecture but also for modern building such as gold colored, swoop roofed Berliner Philharmonie that was built in 1963. Sites that are worth exploring during the stay in berlin are many and some of them are mentioned here. Such as Brandenburg Gate that was built in 18th century that is neo-classical monument in berlin. There is an East Side Art Gallery which is an open air gallery in which many murals and paints are directly painted on 1316 meter long wall; this gallery officially has marked as heritage of country. Berlin Cathedral is another worth visiting site, this amazing building located in Museum Island. In the spree river located, in the central Mitte district of berlin, is Museum Island which is a museum and church. Aside from this sightseeing there are some activities that one can enjoy during stay is Segway tour and bike tour of berlin. There is cruise tour of berlin that can give you the view of the city through sailing. There is also red bus tour available that take you around the city on trip. Over this trip you can go through most of historical landmarks of this city. Apart from this there are many famous escape room games that could be so much fun to do. In short berlin has all fun stuff that one is looking forward to have during vacations.

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