Covering the most north side of America U.S.A is a country comprise of 50 states. United States of America is the biggest site of tour destination for many tourists. From its northwest state of Alaska to the state of Hawaii into Pacific Ocean, this country has to offer everything that one is looking forward in natural beauty. In each and every fifty state there is must visiting place if you are an enthusiastic tourist. There are many states that are world famous such as New York situated on Atlantic Coast this city is well known as financial hub and culture. Statue of liberty require no introduction is placed in this city. Apart from it, this city is home for many worth seeing buildings such as Empire State Building and Broadway Theater that is established on neon-lit Time Square. Los Angeles commonly referred as LA is home for many world famous Hollywood celebrities. Studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Bros offer the behind the scene tour to their studios which is an exciting thing to do. Hollywood walk of fame and TLC which displayed hand and footprints of Hollywood celebrities is another tourist attraction places. Apart from this there are beaches that one can visit while their stay in LA. But here we are going to suggest you to select Georgia which is a southeastern U.S state.

Georgia is a state which stretch consists on coastal beaches, mountains and many farmlands. Capital city of this state, Atlanta is home of African-American history Martin Luther King Jr. in this city National Aquarium and Museum dedicated to Luther King is situated which is great trip site. Another famous city Savannah is world known for the architecture built in 18th and 19th century. There are many verdant public squares in Savannah that are famous and visited by travelers. Sites to visit in Georgia are Georgia Aquarium which is one of the biggest aquarium showcasing many animals and galleries. World Coca-Cola building that displays the inauguration of this soft drink in Atlanta in 1886. Centennial Olympic Park where Olympics occurred in 1996 is now converted into walking trail filled with fountain rings and gardens. Rock city Walking Garden that is walking trail of gardens that is famous for ancient rock formation. Atlanta Botanical Garden that spreads on the area of 30 acre is a conservatory and potential site for many concerts and cocktail festivities. Stone Mountain Park that is a huge theme park provides you views and many fun activities. These activities include lodging, golfing and cable car ride. The most epic site to visit in Georgia is Lookout Mountain that is site of civil war battle this site is best for hiking as it delivers trails, caves and many breathtaking scenes. Zoo Atlanta is another best place to visit in Georgia as this place is sanctuary for more than 1500 animals belongs to the 220 animal species, living in their modern habitat. This place is home for biggest mammals such as Gorillas and pandas. In short Georgia is a state that can make your trip just beyond unforgettable.

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