Hungary is amazing country in Central Europe and it is landlocked. The history of this country has influence of Turkish and Roman Empires. There are many historic buildings in Hungary that illustrates its cultural rich history. There are many important tourist points in this country mainly its capital Budapest. This city is bisected by river Danube. Other cities that are important from the perspective of tourists are Hollόkő, which is present in Nόgrád County, is a Palόc village. Build bellow the walls of Hollόkő castle it is not famous for this glorious castle but also for the architecture of houses in this village. This is a famous vacationers alluring site. Located in the north side of Budapest is Vác town situated at the bank of river Danube in Pest County. This town is famous for its catholic churches and the natural beauty it has in the shape of two hidden lakes in woods on the south side. Péc is another twon of Hungary, located in mountain range of Mecsek in the county of Baranya. This town is world famous not only for the cathedral churches but also for the glorious mosques that build during the ottoman era. But here we are recommending you to visit Budapest which is the capital city of Hungary.

Budapest is capital city of Hungary cleaved by the river Danube. This city is quite a home for many ottomans, roman architecture. There are many worth exploring places in this city as it is historically impeccable. A chain bridge which connects the mountainous Buda area with flat Pest was built in back 19th century. Places that are must go are one of them is exceptional building of Hungarian Parliament which is located on the shore of river Danube, lies in Lajos Kossuth square. This building because of its splendorous architecture attracts many tourists and commomly known as Parliament of Budapest because of its location. Another site that one should not skip to explore is Buda Castle; originally it was completed in 1265. This building is commonly called as Royal Palace or Royal Castle. Another building which you can visit is Fisherman’s Bastion which is situated on the bank of Danube, Buda site of Town. This terrace type of building had been built on neo gothic and neo Romanesque type of style, around the church of Matthias on the hill castle. From this building you can have breathtaking view of the Budapest.

Apart from sightseeing of the city you could have other activities in order to make your tour to Budapest more pleasurable. As Budapest is most famous for their hot springs and pools, take a time and have some relaxing bath in hot spring of baths of Szechenyi and Gellert, these baths has some outdoor pools as well. You could also has a cruise trip of river Danube as this river at night shows some brilliant scenes of city, in addition to that you could also has dine on cruise. Let me say it simply this city is one of the brilliant sights to offer and one should put it in their visiting list.

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