Haiti is one of the Caribbean countries that shares one of its island with Dominica. On its east sides the island Haiti shares with Dominica Republic is Hispaniola. There are many historic landmarks that belongs to the 19th century is still in their original shape after the horrible earthquake in 2010. Historical buildings that are present in Haiti are a fortress on mountain to which is Citadelle la Ferrire, famous ruins of Sans Souci Palace and the home of King Henry I which is baroque previously used as a royal home. There are many world famous cities in Haiti which attracts many tourists. On the Gulf of Gonave located the capital city of Haiti which is Port-au-Prince. There is a museum in Port-au-Prince called Musee du Pantheon Haitien which displayed the history of country along with the founding father of city. There is large iron bazaar is this city that is famous for handicrafts and vendors that sell their goods. In this there is also a historic church called Notre Dame de l’Assomption that has turned into ruin after the earthquake of 2010. The significant feature that attracts many tourists is gingerbread shape of house that is noteworthy landmark of 19th century. Another city that attracts high number of travelers is Cap Haitien known for its colonial architecture; this city is present at the north coast side of Haiti. Notre-Dame Cathedral which is the outstanding landmark of 20th century is alos present in this city just facing the Place de la Cathédrale. In this city there is also present ruins of San Souci Palace which are in nearby town built in 1813. Aside from these buildings there are some amazing beaches present in this city for example Cormier Sandy Beach which is present on Northwest side of city. There is a hilltop forest called Laferrière Citadel on the south side was built by innovative leader Henri Christophe.

But here we are suggesting you to visit Labadee which is a port. It is a private retreat rented to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., for the select utilization of travelers of its three voyage lines: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara Club Cruises, until 2050. Regal Caribbean has contributed the biggest extent of visitor income to Haiti since 1986, utilizing 300 local people, permitting another 200 to sell their products on the premises for an expense and paying the Haitian government $12 USD per traveler. The retreat is totally visitor situated, and is monitored by a private security constrain. The site is fenced off from the encompassing zone, and travelers are not permitted to leave the property. Sustenance accessible to voyagers is brought from the journey ships. A controlled gathering of Haitian dealers are given sole rights to sell their stock and build up their organizations in the hotel. There are many fun activities that one can have while their tour to Haiti which is snorkeling, scuba diving and Jet Ski. Apart from these activities one can also have cruise trip on the beaches of this city.

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