Situated in the northern site of Caribbean, at the transaction point of Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, Cuba is a country consist of island, Isla de la juventud and many of small archipelagos. Cuba generates a handful amount of money from its tourism industry just shows the potential this country has to attract tourist. Cuba fascinates many vacationers because of its climatic condition, beaches it has and historical buildings that can makes one awestruck because of their charm. There are many popular destinations of tourists in Cuba. Havana which is capital city of Cuba attracts the most as it has historical buildings and beaches. Varadero which is another famous town of Cuba attracts many travelers as it has many beaches and resorts. It has many beaches resorts along the 20 kilo meter coastline of Atlantic Ocean. This town of Cuba has many hotels, spa complexes and famous golf courses.  Trinidad is town in Cuba which is world known for the streets that are made of cobble stones. This town is known for the historical buildings, its main square and Plaza Mayor has many colonial buildings in their vicinity. Vinales is another naturally rich with beautiful scenes town of Cuba. This town’s main street has many vibrant wooden houses that are made in colonial era. Other than that this town has orchids and palms botanical gardens along with these gardens this town has many worth visiting places. But our suggestion is to visit Havana which has many Spanish colonial buildings.

Havana is the capital city of Cuba. This city has many historic buildings that built in back colonial ear. First and foremost important activity to do in Havana is sightseeing. Important sites that are must visit in Havana are Castillo de la Real Fuerza which is a fort and mini museum in old Havana that showed Spanish architecture build in 16th century. There is another museum which is National Capitol Building which is landmark of 19s that shows the history of this town and present in old Havana. In old Havana which is sanctuary of many momentous sites includes Baroque Catedral de San Cristobal and Plaza Vieja which is remarkable piece of design and shows the vibrant history of old Havana. What makes this city more appealing for visitors as in this town old or vintage American cars are quite visible as they line in the city. This city has street dancers that are world famous for rumba performed by the group on vibrant street of Collejon de Hamel. In enthralling clubs of Havana salsa dance emanates and in Tropicana Cabaret performed. Apart of these, sightseeing trips there are many activities to exhibit for entertainment while in Havana. These may include rental bike tour of Havana as this activity is very famous in Havana. Other than that you could have Nely car tour of Havana. You could have some snorkeling and scuba diving adventure in Varadero which is next to Cuba. Havana is must visit city of Cuba and suitable for vacations as well.

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