Bulgaria is a Balkan country situated in southeast side of Europe. Bulgaria is an absolute choice for vacation if you have interest in history, monumental sites that are historically important and of course like beaches. Not just rich in natural beauty Bulgaria is enormously rich with landscape beauty but also has rich culture that has influence of Greek, Slavic, Ottoman and Persian. Apart from this influenced culture Bulgaria also has rich heritage when it comes to music, dance, handmade crafts and costumes. Bulgaria attracts large number of tourists as it has terrain which encircling coastline of black sea, has many mountains and river such as Danube. Bulgaria has many important cities that is worthy to pay a visit such as Sofia, which is a capital of Bulgaria, home of many historical buildings along with Plovdiv which has Philipopolis theatre and ancient stadium.  If you are interested in beaches you can visit Varna which is a port city and resort on black sea.  But here we are suggesting you to pick capital city as it has many monuments that can blow your mind away with their architecture and history. 

Sofia is a historic city of Bulgaria and its home of many monumental sites that are worth seeing. It is situated in the west region of the country just below the mountain range of Vitosha. The ancient vibes you get from this historic city has their influence from ancient Greek time, ottoman and occupation of Russian. These historic landmarks reflect the history of two thousand years. Boyana church in this city has frescoes of 13th century. This city has many museums and parks that keep one entertaining. There are many hotels and guestrooms that have view as well.

There are many fun activities that can you do in order to make your visit worthwhile. First you can go on tour of this wonderful city full of historic monuments. These sites include Boyana Church depicting magnificent architecture of thirteenth century. Other tour sites could be National Museum of Military History and Saint Sofia Museum, National Palace of Culture and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which architecture absolutely makes you stop and admire its elegance. These building truly make you aware how culturally and historically strong this city is. Other activities that are must have in this magnificent city of Bulgaria should be a hike of the Vitosha Mountain that is near Sofia or you could also has hike on the seven Rila lakes which is most entertaining thing you could have in Sofia. The most thrilling thing you could do in Sofia could be panoramic flight over Iska Dam through which you can enjoy natural beauty of biggest Bulgaria’s Dam with bird’s eye view. There is also available hot air balloon trip bear Sofia through which you can have glorious vision of mountain called Stara Planina Mountains. Flight over Rila Lake is another sight to cherish; some other hot air balloon trip is over Bansko town of Bulgaria which is just amazing. Put it in a nutshell this magnificent Balkan country is just magnificent and beauty is glorious to feel this you must give it a go! 

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