Situated in southeastern site of Europe Greece is a country with thousands of islands along the Aegean and Ionian Sea. This country often regarded as cradle of western civilization as it has ancient time influence. This captivating country usually known for its world famous beaches, it has many wonderful places from the black sands of Santorini to the resorts famous for party in Mykonos. Capital city of Greece is Athens which is famous for historical places and is epitome if someone is interested in ancient Greece history. Here we are suggesting you to the select santorini as your vacation destination this city is world famous for its beaches and hotels. What attract the tourists are their cubical contour houses that are whitewashed and extant in its principal towns which are Fira and Oia.

Best time to visit is early June or late September as there will be fewer tourists as compared to June and July. June and July are months crowded to visit Santorini so preferring a time span when your visit could bring you more calm and serene environment. You could arrive directly at Santorini through air which is only for European countries but for other countries take a flight for Athens, Greece and then from Athens to the 1 hour direct flight to Santorini or you could choose Ferry which will take you to Santorini from Athens in span of 5 to 8 hours. For your stay you can either select hotels, which are from deluxe to economy range depending on your budget, in Fira and Oia but if you desire to stay close to the beaches best option is to pick guestroom in Perivolos, Kamari or Perissa.

As this island receives tons of tourists in every month so there are many fun activities you can do to make your visit more entertaining. First and foremost get yourself a tour guide and do a full-fledge tour of Santorini as there are many worth seeing sights which, trust me, you can afford to oversight. Once you are done with tour you can go for other activities for your amusement. Such as Jet Ski trip to the volcano. Jet ski could be the most entertaining thing you can enjoy in Santorini. This is undoubtedly an amazing experience as this starts from Perivolos Beach and then you will go around towards the south side of island then up into the Caldera. Other activities include visit to vineyards with sommelier as Santorini has some amazing wineries. You could pick sunset cruise tour and these tours are just mindboggling. Fun activities these tour include are hike on the volcano, a swim in hot spring, thirassia trip with a stop by at red beach. This sailing tour continues with white beach where you can swim or do snorkeling as per your desire. After that you could have your lunch or dinner then sealed this sailing trip with sunset below Oia. Fishing is another bemusement activity you could have on local boat used for fishing. 

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