Turkey is a trans-continental country resides between two countries i.e. Asia and Europe. There are many worth visiting vacation destinations in turkey as this country shares history and culture with Romans, Greece, Ottoman and Byzantine realms. Many cities of this country are perfect vacation places to offer such as Istanbul which is straddling city between Europe and asia, Ankara home for many Thermal-spa terraces and Hierapolis ruins which are spectacular for sightseeing. If you are fond of beaches and roman ruins Antakya is a perfect option for you. in short Turkey has a lot to offer in terms of tourism but you are advised to select vacation spot as per your desire. Here we are suggesting you to visit Cappadocia which is a historical, semi-arid section in central turkey. This region is immensely historical and usually refereed as ‘Cave Town’ as many guesthouses, spa rooms and cafés are plainly made of rocks.

You can easily arrive to Cappadocia by air as there are some nearby airports there such as in Kayseri and Nevsehir. As there are no direct shuttle service form Istanbul to Cappadocia for that you have to go to Ankara first then to Konya. From Konya you can take a ride on bus to Cappadocia however for that you have to book your seat before handed. 

Once you are in Cappadocia there is a town Goreme which is cave town have many chimney- shape caves these chimneys are called Fairy Chimneys depicting a scene from a fairytale. What makes this town more exciting to visit is their people who still lives in these caves. This results into substantial number of guesthouse, spa rooms and hotels inside these caves. Just imagine sleeping inside a cave! 

There are many places to visit in Cappadocia these are Fairy Chimney, love Valley distinctive feature of this valley is turf shaped caves that simply made out of natural process. Rose valley is another must visiting place which has unique pink or red colored rocks with wide cap and narrow stem. Monk’s Valley, Devrent Valley and Esentepe view point. Here you can witness many strange shape rocks such as Rabbit shape rock, camel formation rock, thinking man formation rock or mushrooms etc. You can make more shapes just give it a try!

Aside from exploring places in Cappadocia and towns in vicinity there are many other activities that can make your visit a praiseworthy. Hot air balloon flight at Cappadocia is an expensive activity but it is worth money spending. These hot-air balloon flights also available with sunset and pre sun rise. Apart from these hot air balloon flights you can have a tour at parks that offer horse riding these is also available as sunset and noon horseback riding. Quad safari is another activity which has scheduled route through rose and sword valley. Other activities at Cappadocia are Cappadocia ATV tour-sunset and Cappadocia Half jeep safari. Cappadocia is a marvelous place for vacation as it has historical places, parks, hotels that can make you feel like you are living your childhood magical fantasy.

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