Pakistan is located in South Asian and oftenly described as ‘hidden gem’ as not so many people know about the splendor natural beauty of this country. There are many worth visiting vacation destinations in Pakistan from plain land in Punjab province to the 10,000 feet or above snowcapped mountains in Khyber pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. This country has everything to offer from dessert in Cholistan to their breath-taking beaches in Karachi. U.S.A citizen, Cassie De Pecol from Connecticut who visited 196 countries in this world in about eighteen months, when asked for top 10 must visit countries, placed Pakistan on 5th position showed its promising natural beauty. But here we are suggesting you to visit magnificent Astola Island.

Astola Island is locally known as Jezir-e-Haft Talar Satadip which means ‘Island of Seven Hills’ is a quite small unpopulated island in Arabian Sea. This striking gemstone is located in south coastline of country. For that you have to take a road trip from Karachi, Sindh to Pasni which is a fishing port in Gawadar district of Balochistan province. Here the real adventure begins! From Pasni, one has to take a boat trip to reach that island. Astola Island is about 39 km away from the Pasni. Best time to visit this immensely gorgeous island is winter during this season sea is relatively calm and serene. Once on a boat while sailing, looking behind at the sand mountains of Jabl-e-Zareen (Beautiful Mountains) depicting a scene from Arabian Nights. At some distance from pristine beach in an open sea you would be welcomed by seagulls looking for their food.

After the sailing about 5 hours you will be at Astola Island all welcomed by turquoise and crystal clear pure water of island. Here you will come to know about the etymology about island’s name. This island is called island of seven hills because of the stretch of trifling, rock-strewn mountain spread all across 15sq of the island. You can witness many shades of blue water all depending on the tides. About to the depth of 20 feet the seabed is visible. The southern side of this island has no beach.

On this island there are many activities you can enjoy here. First as this island has many small hills you can climb and have a view from height and its awe-inspiring. But the climbing on these hills is bit tricky as these hills made of slippery rock and unstiffened mud. After climbing hills, one can also enjoy fishing as this island has some beautiful yet tasty marine fish, which local people sale for their earning. For more adventure one can go for snorkeling and with that you can spectator some marvelous colorful fish. During snorkeling beware of attractive jellyfish whirling around you with their floating tentacle as these fish, trust us, only look beautiful from distance. Deep sea diving is another promising activity you can enjoy on this amazing island. Camping is another adventurous thing to do on this island. The sunset and sun rising one can relish during their camping. 

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