Japan is the famous island country located in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is best known for its dense cities, palaces of their imperials, rich history, parks with mountains and various temples and shrines. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and famous for its shrines, huge skyscrapers, shopping and pop atmosphere and culture. Shinkansen bullet trains connect the islands of Kyushu (with the subtropical beaches and spots), Honshu (in this district have the Hiroshima and Tokyo atomic-bomb memorial) and Hokkaido (popular for skiing and such activities). Japan is famous for its anime, manga and comic culture around the world. Many tourists take the trip to japan to see the locations, food and shrines of their favorite anime.

The best to do surrounding the Tokyo city is to visit mount Fiji. Mount Fiji is the country tallest peak with the three thousand, seven hundred and seventy six meters height (3776m). It is also an active volcano site and last erupted on December, 1707. In japan, it is considered a sacred mountain and lot of pilgrimage happens every now and then. Hiking and climbing is the popular activity there. Most of the travelers prefer to climb the mount Fiji to see the sunrise or sunset. The best season to see the views surrounding mount Fiji is April to June as September brings winter and fog with it. 

Contrary to the bustling city of Tokyo, the quiet city of Kyoto is teemed with Buddhist temples and shrines in almost every corner. Manicured gardens are there as well and are perfect for de-stressing and relaxing. Kinkaku-ji translated as Temple of the Golden Pavilion literally officially named as Rokuon-ji translated as Deer Garden temple, is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto Japan. It is one of the most popular temples that attract the most visitors every year. It is one of the seventeen locations in Kyoto that makes up the World Heritage sites.

For romantic, cultural and fin side of Japan, you can experience the cherry blossom (Sakura) every year in spring. Various varieties of cherry blossoms trees bloomed in Japan. They just blossom for few days and Japanese celebrate this time of the year as Hanumi. They enjoy this by doing parties with friends and families and they sat under the cherry blossom trees to eat, drink, sing and enjoy the natural view of nature. Most of the tourist visit Japan to see cherry blossom and enjoy their time there with families and friends.

Moreover, you can visit the western places like Arashiyama (literally translated as Storm Mountain). It is the mountain area surrounding the Oi River. It is labeled as the historic site and is filled with natural beauty. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is the most visited area in this location. It is the natural place or groove for Bamboos. For tourists, travelers and visitors, it has been designed with different pathways to enjoy natural scenic beauty of Bamboo forest. Overall, almost every shop has trendy stocks, kimono gowns and every kind of electronics.

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