Republic of the Maldives is the collection of different islands, islets, atolls and different beaches in the mid of the Indian Ocean. Maldives has the utmost unique atmosphere and geography that is relaxing and soothing to ever person that visits it. Maldives is mostly famous for relaxing and de-stressing but let me tell you that with relaxing you can have a lot of adventure as well. It has a different topography and distinctive culture that would attract you to its core and you would not be able to go from there. Maldives consists of 26 atolls having dual chains of islands. It is also said that the word atoll was derived from the Maldivian language word -atholhu- means the same in English language. There are almost 1190 different islands located in these 26 atolls. Moreover, Maldives has the natural lagoons having crystal clear water which make it easy to access water and is the home of majestic water wildlife.

There are many things to do in Maldives and it all depends on your taste and mood to experience for example, things to do for spirituality, romantic activities, things for the adventure, fun and thrill and colorful side of Maldives. This article mostly focuses on adventure and fun side of the islands of the Maldives. Keep on reading to find out the best adventurous activities to do in the Maldives.

As the Maldives have the marine atmosphere, most of the adventurous activities include water sports and activities. You can canoes in the Indian Ocean all by yourself or have the family or friends to accompany you with. You start from one end of the atoll and canoes in the lagoon and reach the other end of the atoll. This might look simple to you but this is the extreme form of physical exercise plus you are doing it under the sun. My personal preference is to go to canoes in the evening while the sunsets. The scenario you would see is not describable in words as they are breathtaking. You can also do flyboarding in the Indian Ocean. Flyboarding is the extreme kind of water sports in which a board pushes you up with the water pressure. It is the best experience the doer can achieve while doing flyboarding because one can see the water all around him from the height and can watch waves and sea around him from the nine to ten meters of heights. You can also do the free riding without using any new technical apparatus. This is best as you would dive in the water and hold your breath as long as you can and enjoy sea life inside and then resurface for air. You can also do tube riding, banana and ringo riding and have fun. Most of these ridings end in everyone laughing and toppled over on the water surface.  For fun you can walk on the beautiful beaches and collect what the sea waves have brought to the shore from the sea. It is common to find messages in the bottle on the shore and you can leave your message as well but it is sure unlikely to find any treasure chest from pirates.

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