Jordan, an Arab country on the eastern edge of the Jordan River, is defined by ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts. It is home to the famous archaeological site Petra, the capital of the Nabatean originating from around 300 BC. Located in a narrow valley with tombs, temples and monuments carved on the surrounding pink sandstone cliffs, Petra earned her nickname, « City of Roses. » Amman is the modern capital of an ancient site. Jabal al-Qal’a (Amman Fortress) is home to the Jordan Archaeological Museum, with artifacts such as the bronze scrolls of the Dead Sea, as well as Roman Hercules Temples. The city also has lively dining, nightlife and art. In the north, the former Roman city of Jerash has a pillar Oval Forum and 2 amphitheater. The Dead Sea and the Red Sea port south of Aqaba have beaches for diving and water sports. In the south, granite cliffs rising from the desert floor make the Wadi Rum valley popular for rock climbing, horse riding and camel safaris. It’s one of the big ancient cities in the world. Petra is one place that lives up to the hype. With important buildings built on high cliffs, Petra will really draw your breath as you step into the Treasury square after walking 2 km across the deep narrow Siq canyon. Starting more than 2000 years, Petra was an important part of the Silk Road to China and India but was abandoned sometime around the 12th century. It was only known by locals for hundreds of years until it was rediscovered by the West in 1812. This legendary arrangement is very beautiful, Hollywood has since used ‘Petra’ for filming locations in films such as Transformers and Indian Jones. If you like Roman ruins, you will love Jerash. Jerash is the best preserved ancient Roman city outside of Italy. Jerash dates back to 6500 years ago and was an important city on the ancient trade route of Rome. Thanks to the dry climate, it has been left untouched for centuries to understand the expectation of being explored. The excavations began in 1925 and today constitute one of the greatest examples of Roman architecture outside Rome. The Dead Sea is really full of salt and you can float until your heart wishes. Book a hotel directly by the sea for daily bathing in the soothing waters. Wadi Rum is an incredible desert valley dotted with narrow gorges, high cliffs and natural stone arches. This is the Bedouin home where the human race has inhabited this land for nearly 12,000 years. T.E. Lawrence started his journey through the Arabian desert here. Lawrence of Arabia is so linked to Wadi Rum that the beautiful rock formation known as the Seven Pillars of Wisdom has been named after his autobiography. Take a jeep ride through the desert and ride a camel to experience your own fantasies of Lawrence of Arabia. One of our favorite activities throughout Jordan was to wade through the waters of Wadi Mujib for a day. The practice of canyoning in the warm waters of Jordan has been a fantastic thrill. It began with a reminder of a waterfall in whitewater. Wearing a PFD, we swam in pools, dipped in natural water slides and slid into narrow gorges. It was an incredible way to escape the heat and live our adventure.

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