Hawaii or normally referred as the Hawaiian Island is such a beautiful place that attracts a lot of tourist from around the world. The reason behind the popularity of Hawaii is that it has beautiful beaches, incredible sunsets, majestic waterfalls, peaceful nature and parks, mighty Volcano and different collection islands. Hawaiian island is consisted of eight major islands, various other small islets, small atolls and a number of seamounts in the north of Pacific Ocean. Eight major islands include the Kauai, Maui, Khaoolawe, Niihau, Molokai, Lanai, the big Island of Hawaii and Oahu. In the past, Hawaii was also known as the Sandwich Islands.

Main attractions of the Hawaiian Island include the national Memorial Cemetery of Pacific Ocean, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Diamond Head, Hanuma Bay and Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. There are unlimited numbers of outdoor activities that one can do to enjoy themselves while in the Hawaiian Island.

One of the spectacular activities is snorkeling with Manta rays on the Kona coast. For this experience you can choose the sunset time or nighttime to swim with the majestic Manta rays at the coast of Hawaii. For this experience, you must go to the Honokohau Harbor and hire a boat to go deep into the sea. Meanwhile, you can experience the beautiful view of sunset or the night time on the coast of Kona until you reached the perfect point for the snorkeling. After reaching the snorkeling point, a guide helps you to put on your gear and would show you the way on how to drift into the water. Mostly tourist uses boards to float on water and gaze down the majestic Manta rays easily into the pure waters of the Pacific Ocean. While snorkeling in the night, tour guides on the big spotlights into the water that attract planktons which consequently draw attention from Manta rays. This is the unforgettable adventure when the Manta rays move around, swim, flip and spin just at a few space away. You might be thinking whether these big majestic Manta rays are safe to swim with them let me assure you that they are safe as they do not have any fangs or stingers to hurt you in any way. My frank advice would be to go at the evening time for snorkeling  as you would see the beautiful sunset, drifting water and snorkeling and that I can say, would be the experience to get most close to the mother nature.

There is another different nerve wrecking and thrilling activity to take and that is watching the Kilauea volcano on the helicopter. This is the only experience where you can get most close to the red flowing lava and can see how it flows into the deep water of the Pacific Ocean. This is the best experience to unearth the most diversified geological environment including the lava eruption, volcano and its smoke, ocean, surrounding rainforest and flowing waterfalls. The helicopter’s pilot also briefs you about the Hawaiian culture and geological atmospheres.

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